How to write the perfect blog post

Written about Catch-ups
14th March 2017

The idea of perfect is different to everyone, so there's never going to be a one-size-fits-all formula to creating a must-read blog post. With so many people vying for attention online, your opportunity to stand-out is forever dwindling, but is forever more important. This post might not be a formula for you, but hopefully there are some takeaway pieces of advice you can use to inspire your next post.


Take out anything not essential

Just as Coco Chanel said with accessorising, you should always take one thing off before you leave the house, do the same with blogging. Have a read through your post once you've finished and make sure you're not repeating points, stating the obvious or including something that just isn't interesting for your readers. What's essential is entirely different blog to blog, but make sure your essentials are a reflection of your writing style. Leading me on to...

Identify your writing style

My favourite bloggers (and seemingly a heap of other people's too) are the ones with a tone of voice I love to get lost in. Personality is what wins, so make sure yours shines through. Taking inspiration from around you is a great way to help build your own voice and realise what you like to read, just make sure your own spin on the words and tone of voice is always present in your writing. Personally, I think this is key in getting you noticed and people coming back to read, plus it's just more fun to write.

Make people read on

One thing you should always ask yourself as you're writing or when you're proofing; would you read it and are you gripped? This is where you build a relationship with your audience, keep them reading your post and keep them coming back for future ones. Include detail that you were interested by or the stuff that you can't wait to tell people about, it always pays to show the reader through how you write, instead of just telling them. I hate reading the 'we were invited here, here's my hour by hour breakdown of an event that nobody else can recreate'. Admittedly, I've done this before and for those near-once-in-a-lifetime events or really exciting experiences, I probably will again - but when it's reviewing a menu or a performance, chances are people are there to see if they'd like to go, not to read about a concentrated blogger event version that they won't have the opportunity to experience.

Proof your writing!

It's not a nail in the coffin if typos or spellos slip through, but that two minute read once you're finished is usually all that stands between the two eventualities. It also gives you the opportunity to spot anything that doesn't read write (reading out loud is a great way to catch these bits), or any unnecessary repetitions you've included. Step away and come back to it with a fresh pair of eyes, or have someone else have a read over before you post.

Overcome writers block

If you're not feeling it, don't write. For most of us, blogging isn't a necessity it's a passion and creative outlet. The best blog posts come from passion and excitement when you're writing. Do whatever it is that you enjoy procrastinating with, or have a mass read of your favourite blogs (which always gets my fingers moving into a post) then come back once you're inspired to write. If you're in the middle of killing a post but get stumped by a word or phrase you can't think of, come back to it - put in some big red text so you don't forget to edit and carry on with your flow.

Consider your post formatting

I used to write in the format of; all my pictures at the top, followed by all my text. It was quite the done thing a few years back, but it can't have been great to read. Intersperse your photos so people can break up the text and get a visual reminder of what they're reading about, break text into shorter paragraphs to give an easier read and consider subheadings on longer posts so people can skip through things irrelevant to them.

Take inspiration from everywhere

I've nearly always got a notepad with me (unless I'm with teeny tiny bag), or have 100% always got my phone's note app with me. I constantly jot down ideas whenever they strike, from blog post titles, sentences to a post I already have in mind or a theme or idea I want to research. Ideas come whenever I'm not thinking about them or not in a place where I can instantly write a post up, don't ignore them no matter how small - they could develop into a favourite post if you take time to remember them.

Above all else? Don't take it too seriously and remember why you're doing it. I've seen people seemingly so stressed about getting a post up, or not having time to get the perfect shot - what's going to happen if you don't get it live? Chances are it's not life or death - don't sweat the small stuff and have fun :)

What would be your best piece of blog writing advice?