L’Oreal Infallible Total Cover review

Written about Beauty
8th March 2017

Let's get the base sorted. The audience is divided between matte and dewy right now until the next trend fully settles in, I like to see the L'Oreal Infallible Total Cover as a compromise, somewhere in the middle. Bouncing a damp make-up sponge into the product before transferring it onto my face brings an immaculate finish. The edge of the over-matte finish is subdued and a light feeling application counteracts everything I normally dislike about a matte finish product.

The seemingly endless rave reviews on this foundation had me set-on trying it, despite it not being my usual make-up poison.

loreal-infallible-foundation (1)

The coverage

It's definitely full coverage and compared with my usual sheer stylings, I feel like a blank canvas once it's applied. Everything you want covered is - it works particularly well for uneven skin tone; redness and darkness. Yet somehow my freckles were still visible. Granted I didn't layer it up, but that I was quite impressed with. It serves well in covering spots, but after testing initially without anything, I still needed to top-up with concealer over the top.

The wear

I'm a chronic face toucher - even with layers and layers of long lasting foundation, it's not going to stay on all day because I rarely top it up and I always play with my skin. Reason 293493 I'm not a devoted beauty blogger. So, I can't play testament to my blemishes remaining covered but that's probably my own doing. The rest of my face however, stayed as fresh as when I first applied it. No uneven colouring showing through, under eye darkness fully under foundation. The kicker is the blemish cover, it might not be flawless coverage there, but there is zero dryness over problem areas that would normally suck up all the product.

The feel

Despite being full coverage and matte, this foundation feels beautifully light on the skin. I'm not itching to take it off by the end of the day and it doesn't suck the moisture from my skin. It dries to a somewhat powdery finish and feels smooth to the touch.

loreal-infallible-swatches (1)

It's a matte finish product but it bucks all the usual traits I've come to associate with matte. The texture that goes on is the one that's there at the end of the day, any blemishes you do have aren't under the spotlight with a caked on finish and despite me having dry skin, it doesn't dry it out.

If you suffer from particularly bad blemishes or uneven skin tone, I'd guess it being a go-to for better skin days, but it might not completely blanket out your imperfections. It's a full cover foundation, but total cover might only be applicable to the flawless skinned out there!