Ox Club brunch club

Written about Food
21st March 2017

The venue is quiet and chilled, the noise of the open kitchen lightly clangs and chops in the background, with a layer of mellow chat over the top. Arrive at the right time and you'll be greeted with a medley of meals scenting the air, somehow all complimenting each other and getting your mouth watering to whet your appetite.

Welcome to Ox Club, a brunch in Leeds hero. A saviour to your hangover or chilled weekend needs, the brunch menu is served 11am-3.30pm over Saturday & Sunday. The location is cosy, with tables split between reservations and in-demand walk-in spots. Get there early (without reservation) to avoid missing out.



There are no fillers on the brunch menu, every single dish without fail is... without a fail. From the basic classics - scrambled eggs on sourdough, avocado on toast - to the Ox Club specials - cauliflower shawarma, flat iron steak & cheddar eggs - you'll immediately want to tell your friends/and or upload to Instagram immediately afterwards.


Each dish could be shared in realms of praise, but my personal favourites are;

Bubble and Squeak
smoked sausage, cabbage, fried duck egg, chicken gravy


The sausage is the winner of this serve and the list of ingredients populating the skillet doesn't do it justice. Absolute yolk goals (I'm now an egg convert and very excited to broaden my brunch horizons) that tops a a meat & veg mix that works together like a dream.

Flat Iron Steak and Chedder Eggs
home fries, chipotle tomato jam


Oh wow. The chipotle jam with the steak is a match made in brunch heaven. I'll hold my hands up and say steak wouldn't be my normal brunch option, but this is red meat that is somehow still light and so perfectly cooked. The cheddar eggs will leave you wanting a top-up and the home fries add some crunch and saltiness to the dish, but I wouldn't be bothered to miss them off the serve.

Korean Fried Chicken
rice, pickled cucumber, kimchi, crispy fried egg


The crispy battered chicken tops a Korean rice salad that I could eat a bowl of. The chicken serves as a great texturiser to the dish, but I was much more interested into the fragrant flavours in the rice, so incredibly moreish.

Other options will still satisfy your sweet tooth, with coconut french toast or ricotta pancakes. And the classics are still there in the Ox Club Breakfast, with an Ox Club twist of ham hock beans or the treacle cured bacon.



There are zero menu options that disappoint and the setting is established weekend goals. Brunch fans, you won't want to miss this one.

If you don't already know, Ox Club is on the ground floor of Headrow House, which opens up off an alley on The Headrow. Each dish is £10 or under and I'd highly recommend eating with a side of a mimosa for your weekend treat.

I was treated to the full works at the Ox Club free of charge.