The Soap Factory Leeds

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16th March 2017

Bubbles spilled out from the bar, tumbling down the stairs of a new venue welcomed to the Leeds East End. The Soap Factory has arrived, with a back story to add some true Yorkshire charm.

Cocktails are served sweet, in a rainbow of colours and flavours, with a taste to suit anyone's palette. My favourite of the night was The Soaper Duper - served sweet, with gin, sharp lemon juice & raspberry and sugar syrup - with a silver spoon balance on top of a dreamy pink concoction, stirred in for an extra sweet finish.


The second hero cocktail was The Soap - this was a creamy mix and essentially their take on an espresso martini that slipped down really easily.


Those welcomes bubbles that we slid through on entry will welcome guests when there are specials on at the bar. The reason for all the sudsy references? That's the glistening bubble on top. The Joseph Watson & Sons Whitehall Soap Works was on a plot nearby in the 1800s, being one of the largest soap works in England. The heritage has now carried through to a sleek, modern bar, complete with seemingly endless copper accessories, perfectly complementing the velvets and navy colours that make up the rest of the backdrop.


Take your seat and get comfy, because there is more than just a cocktail menu to work through. I'm intrigued by their 'Posh Pot Noodles' and from the small-serves that circled the room through the rest of the night, I anticipate a strong menu to get settled with.

thesoapfactory-menu leeds-bars

You could be forgiven for not walking past it on a weekend out in Leeds, but head 5 mins from the train station and you'll find it. Time it right and you'll just need to catch the bubbles welcoming you in.