Eating at The Soap Factory Leeds

Written about Food
18th April 2017

Local to Leeds? Or just visiting? Whether you're looking for that inbetween place from work to out-out, or you're getting your weekend trip started, I've got the perfect place. If you liked the sneak peek at The Soap Factory last month, get ready for the full feature...

So, yeah, it's a really great bar if you're talking spirits and cocktails (there are better options nearby for a good beer), but what about that menu I teased you with? Get ready for The Soap Factory rundown...

The menu is grouped in soapy themes and I don't hate it - we tried a few 'Soap Spoilers' to start. Popover puds - that is, mini Yorkshires with pulled beef brisket, the meat is to die. Pulled ham bon-bons, the ultimate on the starter menu, moist pulled ham cased in a crunchy breadcrumb crust - you need to try these. And good ol' calamari, a crunchy win with a great dip.




Honestly, I would love to head back and work my way through loads of the Soap Spoilers - there's so much to choose from and it's all genuinely tasty... And those bon-bons...

For main, I went for the main thing that peaked my interest when I first saw the menu - the Posh Pot Noodle, beef teriyaki. If we're going to describe this literally, it's a deconstructed ramen, a hipster's Pot Noodle. The serve definitely doesn't compromise flavour, this was seriously good. A strong mushroom flavour in the broth, poured over thick noodles and veg. The side of crackers is the perfect crunchy accompaniment.



The other half opted for one of the burgers - stacked with a double patty and oozing with layers of melted cheese, utilise the dip to take it up a level. It's no competition for my favourite Leeds burger, Almost Famous, but you'll no doubt leave satisfied.


We dined around the corner from the main bar, where I spotted their shower selfie spot. Snap yours and show your photo and drinks are on them! Another very nice touch from this sudsy spot. If Leeds is on your agenda for a visit - it really should be, I'll happily play your tour guide - then get yourself into the Novotel for ample opportunity to pop your Soap Factory bubble.

An evening at The Soap Factory, provided free of charge.