An ode to pockets

Written about Fashion
4th April 2017

Picture this, you get hold of a dreamy coat for this awkward transitional season... Just the perfect warmth - not too hot, not too cold. Jumpers fit underneath but the coat doesn't look baggy without them. It looks great fastened without having to artfully drape it or re-shape it with any further accessories and it's a friend to every outfit.

You swish around in your new dreamy coat at home, so excited to debut it on your next commute. Out the door you go, phone in hand ready to slip into the pocket, when, the realisation hits - there are no pockets on board this coat.


I have a theory that the more sophisticated you want to dress, the less you should expect pockets in your clothing. Particularly on anything other than a jacket or proper jeans. But for us everyday girls, those that live style casually with an occasional nod to smart, we just want pockets.

My favourite compliments (given or received), go a little something like this... "Oh I love that dress" "thanks, it has pockets!". The excitement is clear and if anything, it ups the status of a clothing item - especially clothing with surprise pockets, they're the ultimate. The ones that are in a loose fit dress that you'd never see, but when trying on, your hands effortlessly slip into them and your poses for the future are cemented.

You see, pockets for women are gold dust. I separate the sexes out here as I think it is near standard that all clothing for a man has at least one pocket. Women? A lot of us suffer in silence with lack of pockets and it's only apparent when a male in our life asks us: "Don't you have a pocket you can put it in?".

When I talk about how great pockets are, I'm not talking about the pocket impostors. You know the ones, those you can just about tuck your finger in but serve no real purpose. Or worse, those 'pockets' that are in fact just a flap of fabric to nothing - the absolute bottom of the pile.

Pockets of mine become unintentional treasure troves. They're where I've stuffed a wad of change in a rush and forgotten about it for months (thanks past me), where a post-it note with a list of must-reads hides out or where a group of receipts from an ace day squander until they get rediscovered with a nostalgic smile.

Pockets are more than just storage. They're memory boxes, hand warmers, a fidgeter's paradise and overall, an essential to clothing. They're a covetable element and yet so often missed from the final package.

When you find that dress with the surprise pockets, or better yet pockets that you know are there but are secret to everyone else, hold on to it. That piece of fashion is a step above the rest and those perfect hand holding spots in the garment may not be easy to stumble across again.