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Written about Catch-ups
6th April 2017

Tech rules our lives... And I definitely love it. Somewhere deep down I'm a definite nerd, especially when it comes to the wonderful word of convenient tech. See, convenience is why I love tech and these little gadgets are the best of it to make life a little easier - and a lot more fun.


Looking for the best tech for bloggers? Here it goes...

The instant photo printer (without the wasted film)

We're taking a step back from the actual new-fangled Polaroid camera, still getting all the goodness. OK, so you lose that novelty of a view finder and a button that forces a photo out... But I currently have a penchant for tiny handbags, so the actual Instax camera was never going to work for me, really. Instead, get the best shots (including post-edit and genuinely good lighting) and that sassy Instax print for your memory box.

It syncs to an app on your phone, you pick your best shots and you print - saves wasting a ton of the insanely pricey film, only getting the best bits. Plus, you can frame your photo across multiple prints for some A+ framing opportunities. Get your hands on it.

The charging phone case

I'm a little slow on the bandwagon here, I'm only just charging my phone on the go. I have a power pack... Somewhere... But it's heavy, it needs a wire and it's really not my colour theme.

A current essential is the Phinexi phone case - the only charging phone case I've seen that doesn't add inches to my phone. It's thin and non-offensive in design, plus the cute heart button adds more points for me - simple things. I'd say this probably gives 1.5 full charges to my iPhone 6s, the lights on the back subtly decrease to show how much charge it has left. It slips on and off like a dream if you don't want it as your forever phone case, but the simple, sleek design means it's not an obvious strap on tech piece if you want to keep it on.

The wifi SD card

This one depends a little on what you're currently packing. If you've already got a wifi enabled digital camera then you can probably skip this one, but if not? Slot it in your camera, turn on and sync up to an app on your phone for instant access to all your photos.

Essentially, it's a quick and cheap tie over if you don't already have wifi built into your camera. Necessarily, it means you can Instagram A+ quality pics whilst you're still out at an event - now do you see the need? If you edit for Instagram in bulk, find your perfect photo edit app and you can edit all in one go for whatever Instagram theme you're currently into. A ton of options available of course, but this one works for me.


What am I missing? I'm all for the genuine essential tech necessities (and a little for the non-necessary too), share your must haves in the comments!

Phone case gifted for review.