Food in Cocktails, Vice & Virtue Leeds

Written about Bars
21st May 2017

Let's get enveloped in some theatrics. Lifting the cloche on a new twist of the Old Fashioned cocktail, the smoke circles the table to reveal an alternative garnish. This is Food in Cocktails, all your cocktail favourites with a punch of originality and something more than a little different.


Playing home to a new foodie concept is Vice & Virtue in Leeds - the modern speakeasy for food, drinks and now a quirky collab of the two.

Launching this Friday, expect Food in Cocktails to deliver something completely unique. A new cocktail menu with different flavours punching through, each with a twist you definitely won't have tried before. Each drink comes with a complementing garnish, start with a nibble and continue the flavour as you sip to the end of your glass. Here's a sneak peek at what to expect - Know that you will definitely not get even close to the full experience without trying this for yourself.



My highlights were in the Yorkshire Lass - forced rhubarb puree muddled into a sweet tasting cocktail - taste wise, not so different from what you've likely had before. Second to that would be the Rum Chicken Rum - a  rum punch infused with jerk chicken and served from a pepper. Expect a kick of heat with this one, although it's nothing that can't be cooled with the fruity garnishes.





A lot of the menu may be a love it or a hate it for most - That Bloody Lobster comes with a prawn garnish, topping a lobster bisque and tequila based Bloody Maria. Probs not the one I'll be heading back for, but one that seafood fans will more likely be tasting again and again. Likewise The Vegan is a gin cocktail with homemade 'ginegar', topped with spring onion and sage. It's the most savoury of the bunch and one for true gin fans, with that 'something different' twist, of course.



This is definitely one for the experimenters and the ultimate in unique experiences. You won't see Vice & Virtue being shouted about in many places as it stays true to the speakeasy roots - the 1920s style bar with a modern edge is hidden away from the highstreet but whether you're there for an experimentation or you're a real drinks fan that needs a new environment, Vice will definitely serve it up - just don't expect the usual.