Magic Rock Huddersfield

Written about Bars
24th May 2017

I lived in Huddersfield my whole life, so let me take a minute to share some real Huddersfield pride. Beer fans should know Magic Rock, you'll have seen the monster scattered cans at your favourite craft beer spot. They're Huddersfield made and they've got a sweet set-up where you can get the total Magic Rock experience on the edge of the town centre.



Give yourself an afternoon and go check it out - it's a 20 min train out of Leeds and a 15 min walk from the station. They offer brewery tours which I'm yet to take them up on, but with or without you're going to need a few hours to work through the beer boards.


There's a permanent food set up through the week, with guest stars setting up in the courtyard at the weekend. We got a taste of Pie Eyed this past weekend and holy wow are they some good pies - served with mash and peas if that's your style, in a few different flavours for your afternoon-into-evening sustenance. Expect new foodie guests every few week, you can see what's on now on their site.


As for the beers, you've got a ton to work through if you want the full works. Initiate yourself into the taproom with a pint of your choosing - if you weren't already wanting more for the flavour, the cutest glassware will encourage you to get yourself another. If you're really wanting to work through the boards, I highly recommend a tasting flight - six thirds of whatever beer on the boards. We split a flight between us and got a few tastings ticked off, served in a Yorkshire pudding tray, what else can you want?!



Favourites of the day were Cryobaby or Fantasma, we took advantage of the take outs to continue the Magic at home - also available in a dreamy looking growler.

Despite being hidden away in a mini industrial estate, the massive taproom gets packed, fast. I'm thinking the craft beer scene in Huddersfield has definitely improved since I left. Head down early on weekends if you want a good spot and set yourself up for the day. It's also dog and family friendly - A+ news for dog botherers like myself.



Craft beer fans, go introduce yourself. Whether a quick visit for any Huddersfield locals, or making the trip over from Leeds, it's a well-spent afternoon.