Taco Bell, Leeds

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12th June 2017 with No Comments

The in-demand has arrived in Leeds. The Leeds restaurant scene is forever expanding, but it's not often as a result of a social media storm of requests. Be prepared for your newest guilty pleasure and welcome Taco Bell to the city.

If you're not already familiar, Taco Bell is a big fast food player in The States. With something missing amongst the seemingly endless burger chains, Taco Bell launched over 55 years ago and now has a store placed pretty frequently across every city in the US - think McDonalds but Mexican. The Leeds doors are the 17th to open in the UK after seeing a serious demand for the store on social media. Leeds folk, your demands have been met.

When I say all your favourite dishes, I mean it - burritos, quesadillas, nachos, fajitas, tacos... They're all there. Plus some Taco Bell exclusives.



The Loaded Fries and the Crunch Wrap were my faves off the menu, each with a bit of Mexican warmth in the salsa, but nothing overwhelming. The Crunch Wrap is a tortilla stuffed with everything taco, plus a layer of tostada for some texture, this just might be my go-to.



Finishing off with the Chocomarsh Melt - seriously tasty chocolate oozing out of a tortilla wrap, with marshmallows smushed inbetween the layers - YES. There's also churros on offer but they weren't my favourites.


The Freezes are delish, too. Go virgin or get a shot of rum or tequila added to your daiquiri or lemon quencher, the perfect refresher for some of the hotter dishes.


You'll find the tacos at the far side of the St John's Centre, a couple of doors across from McDonalds. Over the weekend, the store will be open until 3am which I can see as some seriously appealing competition to the usual end of the night staples.


There are some other amazing Mexicans in Leeds and whilst Taco Bell may not be taking on the street food revolution or setting itself up in an Instagram-led store, the food is tasty, you get what you see and the prices are amazing for what you get.

Give the new store a try, for your next Mexican fast-food hit, you're not going to be disappointed.