Bar Burrito, Leeds

Written about Food
10th July 2017

That slow unfurl of the foil wrapping, revealing a tightly packed wrap of all-things-Mexican. Stuffed inside are layers of rice, beans, salsa and flash fried veg, with your pick of freshly grilled meat to pack next to the optional guac and mushrooms.


This, the humble burrito and one of my all time favourite dishes. Hand wrapped by yours truly after graduating from the Bar Burrito Masterclass. There are two Bar Burrito venues in Leeds; Boar Lane and on The Headrow - both host the masterclasses which include a sample of every single item on the bar, a practice wrap and the real thing that you can of course munch your way through.



Tonight, I sampled the burrito in all its glory - this one stuffed with the chicken and chorizo mix, as well as all the veggie extras. You'll get taken through all the options, whether staple or optional, so you definitely have the opportunity to build your own. This includes any veggies amongst you and vegans are welcome too, all from the main menu.



I've never been to Mexico, so I'm not going to wax lyrical about how authentic or not this offering is. Having tried Tex Mex in Austin, I'm not convinced we're getting the true North American flavours - but either way, it's seriously tasty. It's been one of my go-to Mexican in Leeds places since I first discovered it. My fave dish is actually loaded nachos, with that dreamy crunch topped with layers of flavour. Even if you're going nearly naked, the tortilla chips with just the guac alone are so very moreish - the guac here is amongst the best I've ever had (I'm a newly transformed to guacamole... So I'll report back when I've made the rounds a bit further).


Bar Burrito is my treat-day lunch - it's also on UberEATS if you're not in close range (use this for £3 off your first two orders eats-phoebed118ue) - I'm particularly partial to their burrito bowls at the moment, loaded with guacamole.

It's one of those places you'll leave feeling so dreamily full, yet somehow still wanting more of the tasty tasty food. What are you favourite Mexican spots in Leeds? It's a cuisine I need to explore more in Leeds! Leave your recommendations below :)