Leeds Eye View

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12th July 2017

Oh Leeds, how I love you so. I still consider myself relatively new to the city - three years a city centre dweller - but my love for this place seems to grow daily. I'm not going to sit and list the reasons why Leeds is bloody brilliant (although maybe I will in a follow up post), instead, I'm going to show you.

Some of my favourite angles of the city, dotted throughout and not always in the most obvious of places. Are you ready to virtually explore with me?


The original don, Kirkgate Market.


One of many hidden finds on the Leeds Liverpool Canal.


Shot from above, the muddled Leeds skyline, now complete with Athena Rising.


A closer look at Nomad Clan's work.


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City Square with that beautiful blue sky backdrop.


Victoria Gate may be the hot new thing, but the Victoria Quarter still gets my vote. Original luxury in every detail.


Lighting the way to Granary Wharf, under the arches.


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Stumbling upon pretty little doorways on the edge of the city.


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Or those ornate buildings that have the such unique detail.


Edging its way towards the Corn Exchange is one of my favourite line-ups of buildings.


And then the piece to resistance itself, a peek inside that beautiful dome. This is not to be missed if you're in the city.


I can't pick an absolute favourite, but the Town Hall has to be a gem of the city, especially when it's all lit up through winter.

There is obviously so many more hidden corners to Leeds, seemingly more and more cropping up daily. What favourites of yours have I missed?