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6th August 2017 with 1 Comment

There's a hidden treat spot in Leeds that you'll struggle to stumble upon. A tucked away luxury cafe filled with pastels, afternoon tea and a menu of decadent treats that I can't wait to share with you.

Past the fast food hall and off the Headrow in Leeds is Creams British Luxury, an afternoon tea spot and then some. It's hidden at the back of The Core which is the quieter shopping centre offering of the city centre, but if you're looking for an excuse to treat yourself, this could be it.


A recent refurb has brought Creams up a level. The bright and airy space is graced with glittering chandeliers and pastel colour pops all around the store. Don't be distracted by the massive shot of Ashley James which doesn't quite fit with the rest, just get straight into the menu. We were invited down to try their afternoon tea menu, the perfect way to fill a lazy Sunday.

Creams afternoon tea isn't just the standard. You can opt for the classic of mini sandwiches, scones and cakes, or you can go for one of their more unique options, from Eastern Emperors and Indian flavours, to the Italian, served with mini pizzas and coffee. We opted for the Royal Arabian afternoon tea, offering subtle middle eastern flavours, served with English breakfast tea.


The tower comprised of moreish paninis on a bed of salad. These were lemon pepper chicken, really tasty and surprisingly light, perfect when you have the rest of the courses to work through. With the four sandwiches between two, it would have been good to have two different flavour options as you'd expect with a traditional sandwich selection.


This was followed by a stack of pitta breads, hummus and olives - my ideal as I'm having a serious moment for hummus.


And topped off with a plate of cakes and chocolates for a sweet finish. All served with English breakfast tea - for the true Arabian offering, a herbal tea would have been better suited but let's face it, a good cuppa is always going to work.


Afternoon tea is always somewhat indulgent, but this triple layer was a perfect serve and if you're heading there in a group, I'd recommend getting a couple of different styles from their menu.

If afternoon tea is indulgent, be prepared for what we considered dessert - definitely not needed but 100% worth it. Truly decadent, a glass full of intense sweetness, topped with even more sweet treats, yours to deconstruct. This is, the freakshake menu.


For him, the tough cookie freak. Cookie milkshake drizzled with chocolate sauce, topped with a chocolate muffin, a secret stash of cookie dough covered in chocolate and finished with a macaron.


For me, the strawberry freak. Strawberry milkshake capped with a crispy snap that houses a cupcake slathered in whipped cream and topped with a macaron, all adorned with tumbling hundreds and thousands.


Of course, a hit of true indulgence. And whilst the stack is a bit gimmicky - which BTW makes for the perfect Instagram shot - it's still absolutely delish. The strawberry one isn't sickly either, until you start working through the cupcake. Deconstruct at your own risk.

For afternoon tea in Leeds, you can try something a little unique here, with their five different offerings, all at £29 for two people. Whether you're committing to the three tiers of your choosing, or just heading in for a taste of the indulgent, prepare your sweet tooth for the freak shake menu, that is not to be missed.

  • Helen Clark

    Oh this all looks so good! I’ll definitely have to give a freakshake a go next time I’m in Leeds.