Harvey Nichols Bottle Room

Written about Bars
2nd August 2017

For when you need something that little bit nicer - maybe a birthday, maybe just a really hard day at work - a drink in hand, some grazing sustenance and the surroundings to to bring some sassy. Head off the main street, take a wander through the Victoria Quarter and then slip off to the right and transport yourself four floors up to the Harvey Nichols fourth floor.

The fourth floor has gone through some changes, from a Yo! spot, to Polpo, to the newest guise of a bottle room.


Their new offering has shelves lined with hand picked wines, an endless variety of spirits and a concentrated craft beer selection. Prices range from the cheap - namely the cheapest I've seen Magic Rock beer out of the tap room (you can see more on that here) - to the obnoxious - i.e. the next step up from a magnum in liquor form.



This is the ideal spot for the alcohol type of gift, or water it down with their foodie book offering. But, if you're looking for your own indulgence then you can pull up a seat.


The bottle room menu offers a quality selection of wines by the glass (or the bottle if that's your thing), beer, spirits or cocktails to have while you soak up the atmosphere. Plus, the perfect complementing nibbles for you to graze your way through.



So it might not become your next local, but for that no-pressure something special, this will have you covered.