A city centre beauty break

Written about Beauty
19th November 2017

There's no shortage of hidden hideaways in Leeds to treat yourself for a couple of hours or even a whole day of relaxation. The Lush Leeds Spa is one of my favourites should you get the chance. But when it comes to it, getting that time slot free in your diary isn't always as straight forward as you'd hope.

A simple option to get your relaxation fill without compromising your calendar is waiting for you inbetween the beauty counters at John Lewis.

The Clarins counter has all your usual fair, skincare consultations, beauty makeovers and your chance to pick-up the whole range. But tucked just off the main floor is the Clarins Beauty Bar, seats laid out ready for you to recline in should you have a spare half an hour to fill.


The rapid facial menu is designed to fulfil a variety of skin needs and wants - from brightening to destressing and everything inbetween. Pick your best suited option - with the help of the Clarins staff - and be prepared to be mentally taken away from the shop floor.


The ground floor beauty bar isn't to be confused with the more private and experiential venue on the next level. This bar is set back, but still open to the noise and closeby to those perusing the counter. I was apprehensive if I'd be able to switch-off enough from these outside stimulants and whilst it definitely wasn't instant, half way through the treatment, I was immersed in the calming music and products that were immediately around me.

I was invited down by the Clarins team to get a flavour of their treatments and share the secrets beyond the counter with you all. I settled in for the Rapid facial at the Clarins Beauty Bar,  a drawer of rainbow products laid out in front of my for the beauty therapist to rifle through for my treatment. I went mid-week and mid-afternoon, but I'd hesitate to say if you went on a busy weekend, the busy shop floor may not be so easy to detach from.


The rapid facial was turned around in 30 minutes, the full works plumped into my skin and ready to sink in for the afternoon. The facialist debriefed me on what had been applied and why, before being whisked off the floor and into the rest of my day.

For that quick pick me up and an easy treat to yourself, subduing yourself in amongst the Clarins products is an ideal late afternoon option.