A year North of London

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26th December 2017

I happily let my writing take over this past year. It's been a year of creative posts, trying something a little different and still being lucky enough to attend some absolute A+ events.

Whether you've been hear for a few months or a few years, I wanted to share my favourite posts from 2017 - for you to catch-up on or just take in as new. These are posts that have had all my efforts, those that have given me a boost of pride when they've gone live and some that have covered events I will be reminiscing about for a while.

If you haven't already, have a click through to catch-up.


Whilst I always like to post about my trips near or far, two posts from this years trips are amongst my favourites from the year.


A New York City Perspective

Exploring one of my favourite cities again, with some brand new boroughs and locations thrown in, trying to capture the excitement from each new spot.


A weekend at Finn Lough

One of my happy places and much closer to home in Northern Ireland. Add this one to your travel bucket list.

I might like to get away more often than it materialises, but keep up to date with any globe-trotting in my travel section.

Letting the words flow📝

Creative writing has always been something I've loved. Whilst I've seen others sharing more creative write-ups on their blogs and Instagram captions, for some reason I never let my own words take a creative spin. They began to trickle through into posts last year before an overdue blog remodel and partnered hiatus.

This year, I let things get more creative and created some of my all time favourite posts (which you guys seemed to love as well - thank you!). Here are some of my top picks.


Notes from a reformed fussy eater

I'd like to declare my fussy eating days completely over. Deep down, the basics are always going to be my favourites, but this year I've added so much more to my taste buds and it's only going to continue to grow.


My magazine interview

One of my biggest forays into creative writing but one I loved creating. A styled interview with me, by me and a little look into my life.


The power of introverts

Another thing that I've 'come to terms with' this year is my label of introvert. 'Come to terms' might be too large of a statement because I don't battle with it at all, but I've been an introvert my entire life, only really realising the 'symptoms' of it this year.

And a couple of my advice posts - nobody will get advice posts spot on for blogging as it's such a personal thing. These were my tips from what I've learned in eight years. They're posts that came after a blogging hiatus that was well-needed and every bit worth it.


Writing the perfect blog post

Taken with a pinch of salt, naturally, but these are my pointers on getting the words down on the page in front of you and creating something great, every time.


Blogging karma 

The blogging world is growing every single day, so of course there's going to be more competition, more negativity and more weight to pull if you want to make an impact. With all the spats and sub-tweets & stories that go on, these are my nuggets of advice to help you combat that.



I'm lucky enough to get myself on the guest list for events fairly frequently, new bar launches, menu tastings and some of the best experiences in Leeds. Some of my favourite events are those that think a little out of the box and give me something to remember long after I've edited the photos and written up my thoughts. Here are just some of those moments from this year.


Dinner of the Dons

One of my favourite events of all time. A night under the awe-inspiring Corn Exchange roof in an intimate dining setting, as guests of Don Papa Rum. I'm hoping this pop-up supper club comes back to Leeds soon.


Hidden Harewood

I've just explored the Harewood estate for a second time with the winter version of this event. The summer launch was another of my favourite events of all time, I went as a guest not a blogger but it was such a unique event that I couldn't not share it with you.


An evening with Steps

The ultimate night of nostalgia which brought so much of my childhood flooding back. And if Steps weren't enough to get excited about, their support act was Vengaboys which was next level nostalgia.

What have been your own favourite posts? Of mine, of your favourite bloggers, or that you've created yourself, link me up in the comments.