Biscuit workshop with Bloom Bakers

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12th December 2017 with No Comments

Wrapped in a yellow bow and finished with a sticker, my box of Bloom Bakers treats didn't last long. Inside were eight hand decorated biscuits, each moreishly crumbly, finished with a thick layer of icing.

I've tried the Bloom Bakers creations before, subtly sweet short vanilla biscuits that I could eat a hundred of. This time, with the biscuits already made, I had the opportunity to personalise them myself.

We piled off the winter street into Carousel in Headingley, hosting a pop-up cafe for one day only, followed by a biscuiteering workshop. I arrived to a stack of bare biscuits, with all the tools I would need to create my own decoration, at my fingertips.



The ladies behind Bloom Bakers talked us through some options and how to create the best colours in the icing and off we went. I went for a classic Christmas box, snowflakes, gingerbread men and lettered Christmas messages for my other half.



Each icing creation was delicately layered on top of each biscuit, before being carefully stacked into the box and finished with a ribbon.



Our hard work was rewarded at the end of the night with a delicious sticky toffee pudding, finished with cream - reason enough to head to the next Bloom pop-up.


There's another night of biscuit decorating coming up just before Christmas, perfect for a last minute gift. There's still tickets on the website if you fancy trying your hand at it! Alternatively, the lazy (and equally delicious) option is to buy your own stack - ready made designs, or personalised - via the Bloom Bakers site.