Cuckoo bar, Leeds

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10th December 2017

It's never long before an empty space in Leeds is rejuvenated into its next guise. Black Swan closed its doors a few months back, the moody interiors now replaced with a bright rainbow alternative. The next bird for Call Lane, a Cuckoo has replaced the Swan.

Cuckoo is a medley of rainbow details, the namesake dominating the back of the bar in colourful neons. The bar fits right in with the Call Lane scene, open daily for pizza, sweet cocktails and beer towers and then well into the night to utilise the wall of spirits behind the bar.


Cocktails come sweet and with a side of novelty, from the mini prosecco to top things off, to a dessert serve of the peanut butter martini, complete with Reese's garnish. My favourite of the night was the Jammy Bast*rd, super sweet but the amaretto and berry liqueur worked perfectly together.



On the night that we got to sample the Cuckoo flavours, we were also invited to a pizza masterclass - design your own, with a table of ingredients to choose from. Whilst some dabbled in Marmite and others smashed over blue cheese, I went for the classics - chorizo and pepperoni over a margarita base.



It paid off. The winner got to have their pizza on the Cuckoo menu throughout December as a special, so, you can now sample 'This Little Piggy' dreamed up by me! Let me know what you think when you get chance to sample it!

We finished our night working through the mini dessert pizzas also on offer. A menu made up of Nutella, blueberry cream cheese and roasted peaches. The peach would never have been the one I ordered, but it was definitely my favourite. It's the Blame Canada, with a peach and strudel topping - sweet of course, but not as heavy as the Nutella option that would have usually been my top pick.



FYI, you also get a free pizza with any drink ordered until 9pm, every single day. Not a bad deal, you just need to choose sweet or savoury.

One for your next Call Lane sweep, day or night, just follow the rainbow.