Weekending in a treehouse

Written about Travel
17th December 2017

With a long weekend ahead of us, we packed up the car and got my belated birthday treat underway. The country roads extended in front of us, with the sea acting as a backdrop to the view in front. We'd yelled the mandatory "I can see the sea!", before turning off onto our final stretch.

A long road ahead of us, with farmhouses dotted infrequently along the way, our mini estate unfolded before us as we slowed to turn into the drive.

Welcome to Dale Farm.



The wind whipped between the trees as we made our way to our weekend home. Sprouting out of the ground was our treehouse venue, layered above a kitchen and seating area, our spot for the next few days.


Matt found the treehouse at Dale Farm earlier this year and treated me to it for my birthday. A chilled weekend near the Great British Seaside for some back to nature time... Complete with WiFi, electricity, hot water and a proper bed. My kind of back to nature.

We had arrived late afternoon and not wanting to miss the opportunity, we zipped the 5 minutes down to Filey beach to catch the ombre sunset. The same can be said for a host of dog walkers and locals getting their dose of sea air before the sun tucked behind the cliff.


Arriving back in darkness, the house was lit up in twinkling lights and we set to work in getting our little place warmed up for the night. There's something entrancing about being gathered around a fire and it means even more when you can anticipate the cold just outside the door.


Chairs positioned in front of the fire, we tucked into cosiness for the night - books, music and the fire for our weekend entertainment. As the fire crackled down to embers, we tucked ourselves into the separate bedroom for the night.



Come morning, I peeled the curtain aside to see the mini outdoors estate bathed in golden light, flickering inbetween the trees. The other half took his time in getting the fire layered up, back to being gathered around it for a coffee before setting out for the day.


A weekend by the coast wouldn't be complete without an afternoon in Scarborough. Stepped away from the amusements and music of the front, we spent the day walking on the beach and dog-spotting ahead of the waves rolling in.



The mandatory fish & chips at the seaside were ticked off, before we took a seat on the harbour walls to wrap up our day.



We saw off the final morning with a breakfast hamper and coffee in our home away from home, making use of the last of the logs before we wrapped up to head out.



One final glimpse of the coast and a quick bite and we were back on the road, the horizon silhouetted ahead of us, on our way back to Leeds.