Smokin’ Bar, Leeds

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7th January 2018 with No Comments

The stack of bars on the corner of Park Row plays home to the newly opened Smokin' Bar. Tucked inbetween Bierkeller and Shooters, Smokin' is a carnivore's having with a menu that reels off meat plates, alongside a handful of fish options.

The venue is gilded in golden accents, structured into a grid to split the restaurant from the bar. We were welcomed in on the night with live acoustic music - something to look out for, they have a live lounge every Thursday - before being seated in the restaurant space.



The first decision: cocktails. A true cocktail USP is hard to find, but the drinks menu was one of the highlights of my night. I started sweet with the raspberry & bergamot iced tea - an easy drinker and a good option if you're eating.


Next up: food choice. The meat-packed-menu boasts different sections all based with a smoked meat or fish - including the salads. There are a couple of veggie options, limited to the small plates (three different Mexican options), a burger or one of the salads, but like I said, this place is here for the carnivores.

The burgers come stacked and with proper chips (don't expect the advertised fries). Charlotte opted for the fully loaded which she had her hands full with - meat on more meat which went down well. I went for the bird and tried the buttermilk chicken burger. The meat arrived charred, topped with onions and a dreamy chipotle aioli which I could have slathered over everything.

If the stacks aren't enough to fill you, the burgers also come with a choice of sides - we went for a mix of the chilli greens, garlic bread and tempura prawns on the table - nothing to right home about but the greens would be my pick of the night.



Lizi strayed from the burgers and went big - this section lives up to its title as her ribs and wings serve arrived piled high, peppered with chillis and with a side of slaw.


We skipped hard desserts (on offer, a somewhat random mix of churros, panacotta, sundaes or sticky toffee pudding) in favour of the liquid options.

If you put a table of bloggers together, you better believe they're going to eagle-eye the Instagrammable choices. Namely, the Blueberry Breakfast. Blueberry, vanilla and bourbon, garnished with a teeny tiny pancake - so adorable and just as tasty as it looks, if a little bourbon heavy.


As ever with a restaurant under PG Promotions reign, there are undoubtedly going to be some A+ deals popping up here if you need an excuse to try. Whether cocktails or some easy eats, it's waiting for you on the corner.