Easy overnight oats (that actually taste good)

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22nd April 2018

I don't make the time for weekday breakfasts to be as enjoyable as they could be. I could sacrifice 15 mins/half an hour of bed time, but I usually hang on to that for as long as possible. The extra bashes of 'snooze' mean breakfast through the week is smushed in the ten minutes I have left before I leave, or literally smushed straight into a Tupperware for me to devour at my desk.

Breakfast is my favourite eats of the day. Weekend breakfast in particular, where I can pour over a menu in a cafe, latte in hand, making my choice between savoury or sweet (spoiler: sweet usually wins).

I've landed on a recipe that means I can fit in a quick wolf down in the morning and the only prep it needs on the day is to put it into a bowl. It requires some prep from past-me, but this easy breakfast idea is something that 8am-in-the-morning me is utterly thankful for.


The best lazy breakfast that is still a treat for the taste buds? Overnight oats. Quick, easy and variable, to avoid the weekday breakfast rut.

It requires about 10 minutes of your Sunday evening, for me, it's just before I go to bed. I aim to make enough for at least four days, with a morning free to give in to a fresh croissant en route to the office.

You can of course switch up the fruit used, add extras like protein powder, seeds or yoghurt, but my tried and tested favourite goes a little something like this...


You'll need

  • 70g blueberries
  • 80g blackberries - frozen berries are fine, fresh are better. Add extra milk & sweetener if using frozen.
  • 300ml milk (whichever style of milk suits you)
  • a splodge of honey or maple syrup
  • 300g oats
  • a few fresh berries, to top

The technique to prep is really pretty simple. Put the blueberries, blackberries, milk and syrup into a blender and  blend until smooth. If you're using frozen fruit, add that extra splash of milk for a smoother consistency and a touch more sweetener for a richer flavour.

Next, find a bowl/pot/jar big enough to home your oats, plus a bit more, pour the berry mix over the oats and mix together until the two are well combined.


Cover with cling film or a lid and leave in the fridge overnight.

And that's it. Serve in the morning with some fresh berries - where you have them, still delish without - and thank past you. I eat these throughout the week ahead, the official recommendation is around five days before they'll spoil, so perfect for the working week.

Easy overnight oats topped with fresh blackberries & blueberries

You can try switching out the fruit (avoid anything too acidic) and playing with the extras to add some extra nutrition and flavour, there are hundreds of iterations to try.

Let me know if you make ahead (and how much workday-morning-you loves past-you for it)!