The power of print

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11th April 2018

Glamour has always been my favourite glossy mag. The one I look forward to hitting the shelves each month. I may not have always read every single feature, or treated their words as gospel, but the excitement for the newest issue stayed true until late last year.

If you didn’t already know, Glamour UK stopped it’s monthly print run towards the end of 2017 and I was so sad to see another print having to shut up shop.

It follows Company magazine, a print mag that I deemed as leading the way for a younger audience, showcasing and documenting topics & products that didn't get the same glory in the other mainstreams. NME has also just announced it's online reformation. All slow and steady but no doubt with more to follow in the not so distant future.

I still pore through online articles, the long form and the quick reads, the picture posts and the opinion pieces, but for me, nothing beats the excitement and commitment like that of reading a print magazine.

Instead of monthly or instead of an all encompassing lifestyle mag, Glamour UK has regenerated into a seasonal beauty book. Two issues a year to share the beauty trends from the catwalks, alongside an online hub of beauty and lifestyle. It's a focus that I think the UK market was missing in print. Along the lines of the US Allure but with more types of content, but whilst Allure prevails as a monthly mag across the pond, Glamour is in the guise of a seasonal look book.

Over the years, I’ve dipped in and out of being a subscriber, tossing it up between often getting the issues early and getting a surprise through the letter box, to the excitement of seeing a new issue on the shelf when I maybe wasn’t expecting it. It's a feeling that I've never attached to another magazine (except maybe Mizz in my pre-teens).

I actually beamed when I walked into the shop and saw Glamour back on the shelf. I devoured the first issue of this new format. What’s more, one of the biggest women's magazine has also chosen three different YouTubers as their cover stars for their new launch. For an inaugural new issue and a time when it should be testing the water, I see it as a pretty bold move. And I love it.


The Glamour Beauty Book has the same essence as what I know and love. A mix of high street accessible and dreamy high end, giving you a shopping list alongside your lust list. The visuals are stunning and considered, articles largely having an aspect of beauty as their base before developing into a much wider thought piece. There are drops of fashion and travel, touches of lifestyle to get excited for and of course, a strong beauty focus through and through.

I'm excited to see this format develop and find its own. There's potential for it to run with the USP of a beauty book and tone down the more generic lifestyle focuses. Whilst I would still love to see the glossy Glamour headline gracing the shelves each month, I like the anticipation that can now build inbetween issues. It's going to be a long wait, but when the autumn/winter issue hits the shelves, I can already feel the excitement of being able to bring it home.

With only two issues a year, I have faith that the content will be nothing but *chef kisses lips*. Carefully considered and honed over months of preparation. As a monthly switches to a bi-annual, it allows the niche to thrive and become sustainable instead of features becoming repeated as a need to fill pages each month.

As the world of print continues in uncertainty, Glamour lead the way with reducing the volume of print issues but hopefully improving quality and commitment to their features. It's something that could be the effective rebirth of my favourite magazine and a regeneration to avoid the so called death of print.