Homage2Fromage | Leeds cheese club

Written about Food
8th July 2018

The rotating Leeds cheese club makes its way around the city every month, popping up at a different event spot, gathering cheese fans as it goes.

The Spanish themed event I went to had platters dotted around the room, all Spanish cheeses with some additional local meats and a huge, dreamy sack of bread. I mean, is there anything better?


Conjuring images of a Trivial Pursuit game, we were handed our plate, ready and waiting to be stacked with chunks of cheese from around the world. I claim to be a mild cheese fan, usually brie, feta and manchego being amongst my favourites. At the cheese club, you're obviously treated to an array of different flavours.



For a newbie adventurous eater like me, it meant I could discover that no, I didn't hate all goat's cheese, I just had to find the right type - mild. I learned what a difference the rinds meant and which should and shouldn't be eaten. I stacked my plate up with each of the different cuts on offer and made a note of which I'd be going back for, should the hoards of cheese fans allow.


The community feel of this meet-up was what I loved about it. Each table arrived in small groups, but gradually got chatting to whoever was next to them, bonding over their most loved or most hated cheeses from the night.

Homage2Fromage tours its way around Leeds every month, you can find the next theme and the next location on their site. And if you're in Sheffield, Harrogate, Manchester or Bradford... You're just as lucky! Keep your peepers on the site for their next event, to try something new, meet someone new, or just gorge yourself on cheese.