What reality TV has taught me

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24th April 2019

It's no secret that I have a full obsession with reality TV. No shame. Reality TV is excellent on so many levels.

I can't relate to people who judge others for watching reality. As long as you're aware it isn't necessarily 100% real, what's the issue? Is there judgement in people watching soap operas? It's the same thing, in essence, only with a hint more real... maybe.

 I seem to fail at getting into blockbuster TV (I'm talking your Breaking Bads, your Game of Thrones), so instead, my time is ploughed into Hayu. Think Netflix, but 100% reality TV that I am 100% here for. The vast majority of my watching is devoted to Real Housewives. I'm three franchises down, currently getting into a fourth (for the record; Beverly Hills, Orange County, New York City and now, New Jersey). It's not a guilty pleasure, it's just pleasurable watching with situations that couldn't be more removed from how I live my life.

However, with the endless bitching and luxury that fills my screen, there are some little lessons that I've taken away along the run. Here are the ways The Housewives and other reality characters have educated me...

Own it

Whatever you're saying, whatever you've done, own it. Everyone makes mistakes and let's face it, everyone's a bit of a dick at some point. If you own it, that's it, done. Once you start the white lies, the web is weaved and you're going to get lost in it. This is the ultimate advice from Housewives, although they all rarely do it.

Believe in you

No matter where you are in life, there will be people who are not on board your train. If you happen to be in a really shitty crowd, there'll be people who will actively try and turn you away from who you are or what you want in life. In such a competitive group across each of the Housewives, nothing is more important than believing in yourself, who you are and what you want in life.

Is it affecting your life

Probably my favourite bit of advice that I wish I could brush everyone else's mindset with. If you're angry/sad/annoyed/judgemental about something, is that thing actually affecting your life? Most things don't affect the person complaining about it, but people love to talk. If it's not affecting your life, why are you dwelling on it?

Fake apologies serve no purpose

For anyone not lucky enough to have marathoned their way through plenty of Housewives, people giving fake apologies is largely the synopsis. My favourite is "I'm sorry you feel that way", which is pretty recurrent across each of the series. So, in line with owning your shit, be true in what you're saying. If you don't want to apologise, don't, you don't need to filler that with a fake version that will open the biggest can of worms.

Should you be looking for my recommendation, I'd prioritise The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills out of all of them (that I've ticked off so far, anyway). Reality is my ultimate switch off point, but as it's shared a few bits of excellence with me, I figured it was time I shared it.


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