Vice & Virtue, Leeds

Written about Food
26th May 2019

Menu tasting was complimentary.

The three tiers of the Vice restaurants and bars are an entirely unique experience. Entering from the busy street, you're greeted with a calm and cool surroundings of Dough. The newest offering from the group that's a more chilled attitude to dining, serving up comfort food with a twist. Heading upstairs to the main bar, the speakeasy vibe runs true, a darkened room edged with booths and a bar stocked with liquor that makes up the base of the experimental cocktail menu.

We were welcomed with a taste of experimentation, dipping our toes into the menu that would unfold through the night. To drink, the Wasabi Dream cocktail, an acquired taste of course,  with the heat building as you continued to drink.


To nibble on, beef tendon with a splash of wasabi to complement. Think pork scratchings, but beef, deliciously crispy and packed with flavour, with a smooth cream and a spiced heat to finish.


From the bar, we were taken up to the final floor, the restaurant. The space is light and airy and a world away from what you'll have already seen. Beautiful furnishings fill up the space, with an open kitchen to catch all the action in the making.

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Following an introduction to the new menu from owner, Luke and a teaser of what's to come for the Vice group, the dishes began arriving at the table, each paired with a hand-picked glass of wine.

The first course in the restaurant set the scene for the Vice vibe. Artichoke skin and truffle, served alongside a log. I'm all for creative plating, but I pictured this featuring on We Want Plates. Presentation aside, the crispy artichoke skin had a rich, truffled cream, topped with pennybun mushrooms. Crispy, creamy and a delicious start.


Followed by the Iberica pork tongue, layered underneath cauliflower. The richness of the meat paired perfectly with the cauliflower, mixing two flavours I would have never put together.


Next, the salt aged North Atlantic cod. A fresh serve of white fish with al dente asparagus and fish milk. Nothing highlights the flavours of fresh fish like fresh vegetables and this was no exception.


Finally,  brown butter ice cream with smoked brown sugar and embers. A foodie representation of fire and ice, with creamy ice cream, topped with a smoky meringue of sorts. The perfect mix of texture, bringing a smoky spin go the final course.


I was a first timer for food at Vice on this night and I was seriously impressed with the menu. Fresh food, all locally sourced where they can, cooked up to show off the flavours with a creative twist. It's down to earth fancy food, in the very best of ways.

For anyone looking to try something inventive, something a little different for your flavour palate; but without the pretence or sheer confusion at what's in front of you, this is the perfect venue.