Latte art throwdown, Iroko Bar

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16th June 2019

For such a small spot, there's a whole lot of expertise housed in the newly named Iroko Bar (previously The Vanguard, more on that here if you missed it all). Extensive wine list, wide selection of beer, top shelf whiskys and some of the best in baristas.


To celebrate some of the best in coffee talent in Leeds, Iroko hosted one of their first events under the new name. A latte art throwdown with some of the best of the coffee crowd. Eight rounds of latte art creations, to find the smoothest artist in the city.


I was very excited to have been invited to be one of the judges for the event. Along with the people behind the barista milk of choice, Brades Farm and the guys that bring the beans, North Star Roasters, we lined up along the bar as the artists took position.

The die was thrown to determine the art, milk was frothed and the artistry began. We seemingly worked through each of the hardest designs as the competition progressed, before the very final round where a free pour found the winner.



Huge congrats to Elliot for winning the inaugural latte art throwdown, up against nine of the best latte doodlers in the city. Holding the title and also winning a Domino Club bar tab.

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I've no doubt there will be more competitions soon, so if you're part of the Leeds barista club, keep your eyes on Iroko's Instagram feed for the next event.


If, like me, you're not blessed in the way of the barista (further evidence of that here, if you need it), then the drinking of the coffee still awaits at the bar, along with a newly refreshed brunch menu for you to pair it with. It's already earned a place as one of my favourites in Leeds.