Brunch arrives at Assembly Underground

Written about Food
21st July 2019

Complimentary menu tasting

When Sunday morning swings around, there is only one thing on my mind (after the lie-in). Brunch. I've ticked off plenty of the options of brunch in Leeds, so when a new somewhere pops up, it goes straight to the top of the list.

Behind the newest brunch spot? The mouth-watering selection of food vendors that line the main hall at Assembly Underground. They've each established themselves in their own field, from snacks and sharing boards to stacked burgers and falafel wraps, but they now have something in common. A brand new brunch dish added to each of their menus.

We were lucky enough to be invited along to sample the newest delights on their launch day, in collaboration with Leeds Brunch Club. Let me take you through what to expect from brunch at Assembly.

Let's start simple, choosing your cuisine. Assembly have ticked off most of them, all in all incorporating (deep breath...); Japanese, Indian, middle-eastern, American, Italian and Brazilian. Some including classics, most putting their own twist on international cuisine brought to Leeds.

From the brunch menu, my highlights would have to be...


The Slap & Pickle loaded tater tots. Deep fried potato, smothered in smashed avo, a mild blue cheese mayo and bacon rain. Available as veggie or vegan, the more individual friendly portion would make an ideal side dish to one of the other flavours on offer, or a standalone hangover fix, without a doubt.


Another must-try, the Punjabi twist on a McDonald's breakfast from Jah Jyot. An egg washed chapati filled with aloo tikki, lightly spiced bacon, okra sticks and a refreshing raita dip. A definite twist on brunch but one that I am very much here for.

And if you need a little insight into the rest...


The Pizza Authority will be delivering all the Italian classics, with a brunchtime twist; Italian meatballs and a delicious focaccia bruschetta.


From Bread & Butter BBQ, a mini mezze from Brazil, for meat eaters or veggies; chicken thigh skewers and chicken coxinha croquettes, or barbecued veggies with a sweetcorn croquette.


A traditional mezze from the Falafel Guys; falafel, halloumi fries, their delicious trio of hummus, pickles and a baklava to end the meal.

And if the above wasn't enough to whet your whistle, the ramen guys, Holy Ramen, will be whipping up a breakfast ramen with black pudding and sausages, or for the sweet tooth, head to Stage Espresso for bacon & syrup topped Belgian waffles.

True brunching isn't just about the food, but even in my heady brunch captain status, I'm still not onboard with the bloody mary. I've repeatedly tried and repeatedly not gone beyond a sip. The cocktail lounge at Assembly will be serving up this classic, alongside a Verdita bloody maria (think tequila and pineapple instead of tomato and vodka) which was more my style, or even more up my street, their bellini of the week. Plenty to choose from, alongside the 50 beer taps, coffee from Stage or soft drinks from each of the vendors.

For me, brunch at Assembly is the definition of something for everyone. A massive variety of cuisines all under one roof, perfect for big parties or fussy eaters and if previous experience is anything to go by, modifications are happily made if even the fussiest of eaters aren't immediately satisfied by the menu choices.

The new brunch dishes will be on offer every Sunday, giving you seven new vendors to brunch at and even more new dishes to add to your Sunday morning. In conclusion, the very short version of this post - brunch in Leeds now has an easy option under one roof, or plenty more dishes to tick off if you're touring the options in Leeds.