My happy escapes

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4th April 2020

My homebody lifestyle has really come into its own in the past couple of weeks. One of my happy places being my flat means I'm pretty content with my working from home set-up and weekends spent indoors (even if tomorrow is meant to be a sunny 20 degrees 😒).

Saying that, I've still had my moments of everything taking its toll; the bad news cycle, the uncertainty of how everything will develop and having to cancel all but one (currently) of my trips this year. I've felt the need to switch off from everything which is where the below come in. My happy escapes and how I've been isolating from real life for a minute.


Getting lost in a good book

Good being the operative word as there's something so disappointing about investing time in a book for it to be a let down. I'm here for the books that take you into their world, that fill your daydreams before you can get back to them and have you losing track of time as you turn the pages.

I'm currently half way through An American Marriage and I'm not enthralled with it... My highlight read of 2020 has been either Kiss Kiss by Roald Dahl (he's famed for his short stories, don't you know?) or The Girl With All the Gifts by M. R. Carey (a post apocalyptic story, not my usual style but I loved it).


My YouTube favourites

I frequently get lost in YouTube holes; of choreography videos (Kyle Hanagami is my favourite), vintage music videos and all the makeup tutorials (I'm planning on blocking all my pores with this one). I'm so happy that Elle Fowler started making videos again, with her recent story time video bringing back so much 2010's nostalgia, there's a mini series through the past week if you want to catch-up.

All of the content I watch is pure escapism, people living lavish lives, dance routines I'll never learn and luxury beauty routines that I'll never follow. It clears my thoughts and occasionally gives me a teenage throwback which is a happy place in itself.


Real Housewives

I weave the Housewives into any conversation I can because the franchise is up there with my all time favourite TV. There are limited IRL conversations as I don't know anyone who keeps up with the various cities in real time, so it all comes out on here. Self isolation has led me to start Atlanta for the first time, skipping the very early seasons to avoid the overly dated content (and sacrifice some of the key dramas), alongside being genuinely excited to have new series of both New York and Beverly Hills, my top cities.


Catching up with blog posts

I've reached peak opinion piece on how to do self isolation 'right'. However, as always, my favourite bloggers have put a different twist on their at-home content and have kept my Bloglovin' feed full with inspirational content. My favourite reads have been a peak into the English countryside from Rose, Michelle's frequent bouts of positive little things, a dreamy version of a to-do list from Olivia and a long-time favourite, Alexandra Franzen (I highly recommend you work through her article archives), on changing your outlook.



Yes, I'm one of over 113 million new users in 2020 and I am loving the bottomless pit of content. It's such a positive platform with plenty of people making fun of themselves but seemingly not so much of anyone else. It's escapism in 15 second dance routines, excellently interpreted lip syncs and plenty of outtakes which have had me crying with laughter. I'm more of a consumer than a contributor, but I have still tried my hand at a couple of the trends.


With at least a few more weeks of being relegated to the flat, my happy places are stocked on content (side note - if you read on Kindle, keep an eye on Amazon as they're frequently releasing best sellers at 99p at the moment) ready for me to get lost in.

Keep your peepers on the pages of North of London, with a little downtime I'm ready to restock the content here, too.