How to get over writer’s block

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24th May 2020

I have massively struggled with writer's block over the past few months. Personal projects, personal journaling and blog writing have been stunted. It's incredibly frustrating as writing is a hobby, one that hasn't been able to be fulfilled recently.

The trick to gradually getting myself out of it? Writing prompts. Little nudges that allow me to get some words out, either in the form of a post or a diary entry, letting me clear some mental space for bigger motivation.

They've been a small part of my routine on and off for ages, mainly to help with my own creative writing pieces and get some of my imagination into something tangible instead of stirring around in my head. Over the past couple of weeks I've put pen to paper again after some prompting from The Manifestation Collective; some gratitude journaling and utilising Victoria's journal prompts to get my thoughts out. I've added to this with my own creative prompts shaping short stories from little nudges that have got me motivated to get some posts out.

A little writing journey that's help me get over the seemingly endless 'how to get over writer's block' conundrum. It's not an instant fix and it won't be the last time my WordPress account lies dormant for a few weeks, but I'm working on it.

For any of you in the same boat, almost expectedly so as motivation wanes into week 10 of lockdown, I wanted to share some of my own favourite writing prompts that could hopefully help you. Share your creations as a post, get lost with a pen on paper, or use as an Instagram caption, but in any form see if some of the below writing starters clear your mind to create some focus.

Answer and create these as verbatim, or get creative with a storytelling voice. Most importantly, just write.

  1. Describe your morning routine
  2. Describe your environment
  3. A sequential story
    Create a story where the start of each sentences begins with the next letter of the alphabet 
  4. Write a new chapter in your life
  5. Do you believe in karma? Why?
  6. Do you care what people think of you?
  7. What is your true happiness?
  8. Describe your favourite memory
  9. Share a recipe as a story
  10. What one skill or talent do you wish you had?

Let me know if these prove useful!