Home comforts

Written about Travel
12th July 2020

Of course Coronavirus has thrown out any form of travel plans for 2020. I'm hopeful for a trip to Scotland before the end of the year, the belated 30th birthday trip for Matt , but as far as international plans go? I'll put positive vibes out for them happening in 2021 instead.

Whether it's a weekend away in the UK or a long haul trip for a couple of weeks, my homebody status never wanes. My favourite trips of my life still don't diminish the excitement of returning home. The feeling of finally reaching the front door after planes, trains and automobiles, leaving suitcases in the hallway and getting straight into fresh pyjamas and into bed can't be beaten - no matter what hour of the day.

Looking forward to coming home is just another aspect of excitement for a trip and keeping those home comforts alive while travelling is always part of my holiday.

My month spent in South East Asia was the biggest cultural adventure of my life, in the best of ways. 6,000 miles from home with such a varied menu of food available, I still had pastries and fresh coffee on my mind as soon as I woke up. As you can probably imagine, and rightly so, the small island of Langkawi in Malaysia - the closest thing to paradise I've ever experienced - didn't have the typical hipster line-up of cafes along a high street (although there was still a Starbucks at the ferry terminal).

While toast and Nescafe were offered in our hostel, we instead set out for a taste of home nestled somewhere in the winding island streets. We asked at numerous hotels who continued to point us "two minutes" down the road. Walking with little knowledge of the final destination and getting hangry, the walk felt  l o n g - in actuality, with a retrospective Google Map, it was actually a 10 minute walk, with the prize of fresh croissants, French desserts and excellent quality coffee at the end. And let me tell you, it was so very worth it.

Breakfast is a theme that rings true on all my trips, whether island hopping in Asia, or in one of my favourite food destinations, Japan. We set out one morning to the world renowned Tsukiji fish market, crammed aisles of fresh seafood, deliciously sweet fruit and veg and a whole host of Japanese specialities. Matt got his fill of tiny octopus on a stick, massive oysters and meat skewers - I held off and got a plastic wrapped croissant from Family Mart 🙃

This isn't to say I don't embrace the difference in culture on my travels. Exploring different countries through flavours and local delicacies is a highlight of any trip, from endless bowls of ramen across Japan, Chicago's deep dish or a tray of escargots in France. But that familiar meal that starts my day at home brings a little bit of comfort when I'm elsewhere in the world.

There's something to be said for the happiness that home brings. After four months in the same few rooms I am more than ready for my next adventure, but I know that I'll still look forward to boarding the flight home and getting post-holiday chores ticked off once I'm back (is it just me that finds the clothes wash after a holiday incredibly satisfying?).

I think a true homebody will always see that final trip to the front door as a good thing and I very much embody that. Just me?