In and Out

Written about Beauty
3rd June 2009

I love reading other people's of these, but of course, it's all subjective - so take it with a pinch of salt.

- Neutrogena, Norwegian formula, 6 hour protection balm; definitely a must, it offers great all round protection and smoothness to the lips

-Vera Wang, 'Princess' perfume; Argh! I'm nearly out of this! It's my all time favourite perfume (apart from Anna Sui's 'Dolly Girl' but it's been discontinued, i pick it up whenever i find a remaining bottle) and i got it on my trip to New York, so holds a great nostalgic scent to it.

-E.L.F's concealer brush; another surprising result from the £1.50 company, it puts product on really well and is easily used to blend, their concealer isn't bad either!

-Sephora bronzer; i learnt the 3/E trick from 'Fafinettex3' on youtube and this cream-esque blusher works the best for me as it doesn't go on too think which is just what i want!

-No. 7 Protect and Perfect lotion; i'm nearly out of my sample size of this product and it leaves my skin feeling amazingly soft, in my opinion it is just the right consistency to apply a good amount - saying that, the sample has lasted me over a week, with twice daily application.

The sun; shocking i know! The weather is gorgeous and all i want to do in is bask in its short lived glory, but it is so incredibly drying on my face! I apply moisturiser then sun cream every morning, but still find dry skin at the end of the day - solutions?!

-Pearl drops whitening stick (? I don't know the product name, its a brush on whitening gel); so my friend is obsessed with this, so urged me to try it. MUCH disappointment! It turns your teeth sort of shimmery, almost silver - which i found very unnatural - and you can feel the glitter particles when licking your teeth. Enough to say, i hated it. On the upside it comes off as soon as you brush your teeth, so i didn't have to go out with the monstrosity fixed to my teeth.

-E.L.F false eyelashes; i heard good reviews about these, so was quite disappointed at the result. It may not be the actual lashes, it could just be the adhesive that came with it. But they didn't stick for me, again it worked for my friend but after half an hour out of the house they came un stuck, so she had to take them off. I would definitely recommend a different branded glue, if i recommend them at all... Maybe i'll get a different glue, and try my luck once more.