MAC Fluidline – uber thumbs up

Written about Beauty
10th July 2009

OK, so after buying the perfect eyeliner brush (FYI, Benefit 'Get Bent' brush), i figured i needed the perfect liquid/gel liner, but in pot form.

So, I got MAC's fluidline, the shade 'Blacktrack', which is a generic black (just what i wanted) and... Oh my gosh, I was so impressed with it. I just tested it on both eyes, using my Benefit brush and did a thin line with a winged edge.
I must confess, it usually takes me quite some time to have the perfect line in the morning, even after months of applying it, it very rarely comes out how i'd like it to.

This has now changed.

Even in a rush, it went on so well, so fast and i didn't need to do any touch ups at all!
It's no secret that the majority of Youtube beauty 'gurus' seem to prioritise MAC over every other brand, but this isn't me, if i like something then i'll buy it, no matter what brand and I don't hold a bias towards any brand. So, I can reassure you that i'm not raving about this product just because it is MAC.

It retails at £12 and comes in a good range of colours, each with 3g of product. For me, £12 seemed quite a lot for a product i haven't experienced before, but, for me, the investment payed off this time. If - like me - your eyes will be lined 9/10 times a week, then this is a must.
The only initial down point i have found is that it leaves a substantial dent in the gel when you apply the product, however a little does go a long way - so I don't think there needs to be worry that it was a waste, plus it is a 'Back to Mac' item, so i guess i will win back right?

Another plus i have to mention is it's staying power, there is no need for primer as it stays on all day and doesn't have a hint of smudging (at least on my eyelid!), I have yet to try it over eyeshadow, but as that acts as a base in itself, i'm sure that will only strengthen it.

So, what may seem quite a large sum for a generic eyeliner (trust me, i thought so too) it really is worth it. The winning point for me was the easy application - it's honestly the best one i have ever found, and for now i only have the one negative ish point (as mentioned above) to say about it, which is just a blip on a major positive scale.