Just to let you all know…

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20th August 2009

My A level results have been and gone.
I got three Bs, which is higher than i needed. It looks like I will be studying Media & Journalism at Northumbria University in a years time (I'm taking a gap year, hopefully to do some travelling from February time).

I didn't get nervous until I went on UCAS this morning and it said they were awaiting my results - so i got into a panic, thinking I wouldn't be accepted. But all is well :)

We got yearbooks this morning as well, they aren't as good as I'd expected... AND, they spelt my name wrong! Great! They put Pheobe instead of Phoebe; could have been worse I suppose.

Anyway, just thought i'd give you a little update because the celebrations begin now! All my friends got what they wanted and more, which is great - I didn't want to be on a high while a friend was devastated. We're going for a late pub lunch this afternoon, staying the majority of the day then into town tonight.
We'll be going as school girls - cliche and tacky I know, but at least it's easier to decide what to wear!

Today's nail of the day;

C200 - 'BMX Bandit' with a stripe of 'Hoola Hoop' on the thumb.
I plan to do a review on these nail varnishes soon.

Thankyou to all those who wished me luck for my results :)
I hope everyone else getting results today got what they wanted and Good Luck to all those who are yet to find out.

Talk soon,