Unexpected haul

Written about Beauty
23rd August 2009

So, I blogged earlier saying I would fit a few blog posts in today... I have created a list on ones I need to do; but then the plan changed.
I took one of my friends to Ikea for the uni run - stocked her up on crockery and various nick knacks that every uni goer needs. It was very fun, but I did feel like her mother...

Anyway, going to Ikea meant a trip to Boots on the side, as said friend had no7 vouchers to spend.
As my treat for taking and equipping her, she gave me one :)
I just felt like a child.

So, the Boots mini haul -

Reviews on all will come once i've used them for a bit.

  • Soap and Glory 'The Fab Pore' £5.88
  • No 7 Extravagant Lash (01 Black) £11.50 - £6.50 with voucher
  • No 7 Quick cover concealer (02 Extra fair) £7.50 - £2.50 with voucher!

With the free voucher I got the concealer as my trusty ELF one has come to the end of its life - but i do reccomend it for light coverage. On first impressions (I just tested when i got home) this is really good, but i'll try and get in a review in next weekend.

By buying that and the S&G product, I got another no7 voucher (you need to spend £5 in order to receive one, can also be used on Ruby & Millie products - including brushes) so I got what i would have originally got if i hadn't needed concealer, the extravagant lash. So, the woman on the ad is possibly one of the worst people to advertise it - is it just me she grates on? - and the concept behind the ad is even worse - what man randomly buys mascara as a present, for someone who appears to be a stranger to him - but again, going by first impressions I think it is worth the full price tag, but again, i will use it religiously this week and get a review asap.

In regards to the Soap & Glory, I originally sauntered to their skin care to get the chin spot thing (:S help me out here.. I forgot the name) as that is generally the only place i get spots and i have heard positive things about it. But, being my luck - they didn't have it. Didn't even stock it. So, I picked up the Fab Pore, in a bid to continue the blackhead treatment story. It can be used as a wash or a facial peel, so i'll interchange between them and give my thoughts at the end of the week.

You might get another post out of me this evening, but as of now I have thumb cramp for some bizaare reason. So i'll catch up on your blogs from today instead :)