Very. High. Heels.

Written about Fashion
18th October 2009

Clothes are failing to interest me these days - so, I am building on my shoe collection instead. Very logical i think...

Today's purchase? Matalan heels, for the bargain of £9 in the sale.

I very nearly bought a second pair, with black straps all the way down - but I'm waiting on a website to tell me that these lovlies will one day be back in stock. Here's hoping.

Then there are the magazines, Elle & Company, I only bought Company because i enjoyed last months issue so much, this months isn't as good... -

And hairspray, I can't believe i actually ran out of hairspray - who does that? I'm going to do a review on these though, I got one for volume & hold and one for finish & hold. We'll see how it goes.

I also picked up the 'Girl Talk' album from Urban Outfitters last week. I always love the music that is played in there, generally the mixes that the have. I've bought loads of other, previously unknown DJ stuff from there before, and this is another winner.

I'd also recommend 2 Many DJs as well, which i also found in Urban Outfitters - I'm just waiting on their sale to start so i can spend my voucher well!
Hope you're all having a lovely Sunday :)