US Shopping List

Written about Travel
8th April 2011

The time has finally come! After wanting to do a bit of American travel for at least two years, I finally leave for Texas & San Francisco in the early hours of Friday morning. I've been to New York and Pennsylvania before, but for some reason am so much more excited about this, perhaps because it's happening now.


Anyway, the plan is, SHOP. Me and my mother are drawn to shops, so much so that in a seven day trip to NY, we spent one and a half days sightseeing, the rest doing the shopping rounds. My suitcase will be relativley empty on the way over, planning to be sitting on it to close it on the way home, so I want your ideas!

Is there any 'must have' products I need in my life? Make up, nails, magazines, food, clothing... TALK TO ME.

So far on my list, I have:

  • Seventeen, Nylon, Teen Vogue (yes you can get them in WHSmiths, but it just doesn't have the same appeal...)
  • Benefit goodies (I am going to the home town of after all.)
  • OPI & China Glaze
  • A good browse of Target and Forever 21
  • Nerd Ropes and plenty of sweets to keep Daisy entertained. 
Have I become a slave to consumerism here? 
What am I missing?