The Gym Essentials

Written about Fashion
25th April 2013

Let's just get straight into this. I never, ever thought I would legitimately want to go to the gym. I was the one who hid in the toilets for sports day - unless it was rounders, looove rounders - and forgot my sports kit until I realised I had to borrow the lost property.

So, first things first - the minimum beauty. I go with a bare face, although do have mascara on, I just can't expose the world to my fair lashes. Before and after, I spritz with the Balance Me Hydrating Face Mist*, relaxing rose and a refreshing finish after a good workout. I always apply a slick of lip balm as well and of course, a generous helping of deodorant too.

For the kit, it doesn't have to be extreme prices. The entirety of my gym closet is made up of TK Maxx branded finds, the H&M sportswear and Sports Direct. The latter is pretty amazing for absolutely any price range, anything from an L.A Sport crop top for a few pounds, to an Adidas tracksuit for £80. Proper running trainers are essential, Converse won't cut it - you need support for the arch of your foot - whether you're running or just on the exercise bike.
Likewise, a trusty basic bra needs to be upgraded a proper sports bra. The Freya Active range is perfect for this, the Freya Underwired Sports Bra* is a thin layer of fabric, but with supportive under wiring, adequate back support and thicker straps to keep everything in place. Like all bras, make sure you're correctly fitted here too - a wrongly fitted sports bra will be even worse than a wrongly fitting normal bra because of the movement.

Basically, every time your boobs move, a ligament in them stretches a little - and never goes back. Yeah... So, the more movement with out support, the quicker and further south your assets will go.

And an absolute must have - headphones. I don't even move from the changing room to the gym if I've forgotten my headphones. I've found 8Tracks to be amazing for motivational playlists. You can browse by your mood, so normally upbeat + workout means I might push myself that little bit further on the treadmill.

So obviously your workout is pretty personal to you, and style, function, soundtrack and how you want to look is different for everyone. Above is everything that works for me and makes my workout somewhat enjoyable.
I'm obviously no personal trainer or uber gym buff - but hopefully you'll take something away from this!

What are your workout essentials?