Instant Iced Latte Without Starbucks

Written about Food
27th July 2013


Let me stray from the beauty ramblings for just one day, if it hasn't already escaped your attention, it's a humid mess outside. My normal mugs of steaming coffee no longer work.
Enter the obvious option, iced. Google seems to think you have the patience to brew regular coffee and leave it to cool - I have other ideas that have only just occurred to me.

Here we have an instant iced coffee recipe. Super simple, super quick and no more pining for a Starbucks when you're living in the countryside like my coffee obsessed self.

The picture pretty much does the talking, but to break it down literally.

♥ Instant coffee
♥ Milk (semi or fully skimmed works best)
♥ Something to stir the goodness
♥ Optional extra of vanilla syrup for a sweet kick
♥ Ice cubes
Then, chuck them all into a glass and mix. You'll need to mix pretty well as the coffee has no heat to dissolve in so it takes a bit longer.
Finish with a handful of ice for the true iced experience
I normally take one sugar in my coffee, without any added extras it tastes fine for me, but when you do want a little more flavour - add as little or as much vanilla syrup to taste. A small amount will give it the sugary taste, a larger amount will bring in the vanilla flavour. 
Stupidly easy I know, but I have lived the previous weeks of heatwave without my iced coffee addiction as leaving a regular brew to cool just doesn't cut it. 
Alternatively you could try flavoured instant coffee, almond or soy milk or different flavoured syrups depending on your tastes.
If you're still in search of a corporate logo to get full satisfaction, just decant into a Starbucks tumbler for the ultimate enjoyment.