Lush Leeds Spa

Written about Things to do
16th July 2013

Who knew that locked below the Leeds Lush store was a relaxing spa retreat? I definitely didn't, but the Lush Leeds Spa has been open since 2009, offering home grown facials, massages and body treats.

You're welcomed into a homely kitchen like setting, full of bespoke bottles and treatments that will be tailored to suit your personality. Pick from the words on the wall and share what you're looking for in personality and skin feeling and the therapist will tailor the treatment to you.
The kitchen is a mock up of the company director's very own kitchen, a world away from the sterile surroundings of other spas I've visited.

I was treated to the Validation Facial*, using cold stones for a super refreshing treat. This was integrated with the Sound Bath* using both hot and cold stones to go from super relaxing to a refreshing finale, fused in with tuning forks bringing you back round, where you're left to lift yourself out of your blissful state.
The treatment rooms themselves flow from the kitchen with a wholesome feel to them. The music on offer is again tailored to the treatment and customer, more than just the usual relaxing soundtrack and will be 100% relevant to your treatment.

My experience was finished with an amazing candy floss mock-tail and a de-briefing from Gemma, the senior therapist at Lush Leeds Spa. All in all it was an incredibly relaxing and welcoming experience - it didn't just start and end with the treatment, it was entirely more personal.

It isn't just specific to Leeds either, you can visit Lush Spas in Kingston, Poole, Edinburgh, Liverpool & The Kings Road in London. Prices start from £40 and I would highly recommend their services.

I'll leave you with their Lush finishing touch and a look into just one of their treatments, 'The Comforter?'.