A Whole New Look

Written about Fashion
10th January 2014

New Look Wishlist

I've already got my Spring/Summer wardrobe head on - even though I know full well we haven't even seen winter yet. April snow anyone? I feel like I have all the basics in my wardrobe, but I would really like to build on it with patterned pieces - I've been know to seriously clash before - and some texture that's severely lacking. New Look got in touch to ask what my favourite pieces for the upcoming season were, the above represents this pretty well - I'm just waiting for the day I can shun the tights.
Of course, I won't completely go back on my style - the Burgundy Boots... serious shoe candy right there. The cut outs, the accents and the something different from my majority black shoe-drobe. I've been eyeing several tartan skirts in the past few weeks, but yet to settle on the one. I love the slit detail in this one.
My trouser collection has gradually grown over the past few months, in pattern and texture - although black skinnies are still the staple. These floral print skinny jeans would be perfect with a black chiffon vest - another of my wardrobe staples at the moment. The texture comes from this cute textured zip back top. Just the right side of oversized, which is how I like it. And finally, the leather look tote - is it me or is this seriously reminiscent of Mulberry?  On a serious high street budget of course. 
As always, New Look have a pretty diverse choice. From basics, to trends, to prom dresses at New Look - you'll get what you want. My lust list doubled just from a post Christmas website browse.