Boux Avenue Backless Strapless Bra

Written about Fashion
6th January 2014

Seeing as though my obsession with backless, cut out and strappy tops doesn't seem to be dying down, it was only right I continued my hunt for the perfect bra to pair with them. I've been through my fair share of stick on bras, from the silicone cups, the full on adhesive cups to thin fabric ovals. None seem to last the night, cue some very awkward dance moves to maintain modesty.

The Boux Avenue Backless Strapless Bra* is a style of stick on bra that I'd never tried before. Instead of focussing the adhesive on the cups, it instead has clear side panels (similar to that of 'invisible' bra straps), that you attach individual, reusable pads to.
For low slung arm holes you risk being able to see the pads, but it's something I'd settle for in lieu of revealing anything else.
I wore this with an intricate strap backed top on a night out to give it the full test. It pulls rank in ultimate comfort levels and for my size, the support was fine. For bigger busted readers, I'm not sure you'd feel secure enough to rock it out dancing.
It did move around a little through the night, but it never fell off or came completely unstuck which is the norm. I'd hazard a guess that outside of a crowded night club, it would stay fully intact. It just took a little readjusting every now and then, but it never looked unshapely while I wore it.

It's available in nude and black, and there's a push up option if you want a little extra. It's £22 from Boux Avenue, for the bra and pads, with the option to get replacement pads after a few uses. I've found that if you want a good quality stick on option then you're looking to pay a little more, but the price is more than represented in the quality and I can see it being a summer staple come backless vest season.