Longchamp Le Pliage Shopper

Written about Fashion
27th January 2014

Introducing the Christmas present du année - the Lonchamp Le Pliage Shopper. The large, black option, of course there is a whole selection of other colour/size/handle/pattern options if this isn't your type. I'd coveted one from afar, after going through a phase of hating them... This Christmas I unwrapped the beauty, and it was a really good present choice.

After reading Michelle's post, I was a little confused on sizes - but opted for the large, which very snugly fits my laptop amongst my other essentials (currently harbouring a small stock of train tickets, a selection of Malteaser based treats and too many lip products to count. Go figure.), which is exactly the size I was after.

It has one large main pocket, then a flap pocket on the inside which fits a solo phone, or my keys, headphones, key card and a couple of lippies - all with my phone precarioulsy balanced in there if possible. The only problem with large bags is that I tend to fill all the space, with things I won't use for weeks on end. #girlproblems

It's the perfect 'large' for my laptop, but perfectly proportioned to use daily - even if you don't chuck everything you don't need in - the shoulder strap is my fave after toting an elbow-crook Louis Vuitton around for many loved years.
Welcome to the family, Lonchamp.