Weekend Added Extras

Written about Fashion
10th March 2015


Weekend priorities - exploring the city. Despite living half an hour away for the majority of my life, I've never seen much more than the 'essentials' of Leeds. So, since I'm now permanently city central, I feel it's time to explore the lesser known routes, cobbles and rivers that wind around the edges of the city centre.

As a follow up to an afternoon at The Tetley this past weekend, we explored down by the river. Complete with Leeds love lock bridge 'n' all.
Something about buildings from hundreds of years ago, stood right next to modern high rise buildings has me constantly intrigued. There's something new around every corner. Literally and just to me, who's still discovering Leeds.

The Outfit Extras
Letter scarf Matalan
Backpack Primark
Shoes* Office, via House of Fraser