Ultimo – The One

Written about Fashion
31st May 2015

Since I am graced with fairly modest assets, I'll be the first to admit that I can more often than not settle for 'fashion' bras rather than the good stuff. But, the one more expensive option I have is the one I tend to gravitate towards, purely for the silhouette it puts under clothing and the actual support over style it's giving.

Comfort and fit is an obvious priority, especially for the essentials, but I'm pretty snobby in that I only have nicer bras, no plain beige or greying whites allowed. The One bra by Ultimo* is essentially everything wrapped up for me with a nice finishing pendant. The brand is known for quality, and performance where it's needed, but not all t-shirt bras and high duty fastenings.

Also let's have a small shout out for my super "authentic" Vietnamese dressing gown, bought in the Hanoi markets, and since seen in Brick Lane and on the place you love to have the same clothing, the 'High Class Call Girls' TV programme I saw the other day...

The big love for me in this piece is the details. The extra straps above the cup are there to avoid the 'double boob' affect - one of my pet peeves when I see it on others, go get a professional fitting! It'll be life changing if you've been living in the wrong size - but they actually work in bringing a bit of fashion to the function, for me anyway. On the occasion where I have a lower cut top on, I like the look of them peeking out, not to mention that they add to the 'beautifully rounded natural cleavage' that's being promised from Ultimo.

Seeing as my now two favourite bras aren't the under £10 impulse buys that my collection is pretty fairly stocked with, it might be time to luxe up my collection.