The Make-Up De-Clutter

Written about Beauty
21st October 2015


Years of beauty blogging have contributed to a fairly large make-up collection - although tiny by a lot of others I've seen - most of which sits dormant in drawers across mine and my parent's house. It's the beauty version of Toy Story, everything is waiting to be used... But it never happens.

This past weekend I made an effort to be ruthless with my make-up, I do it frequently with  my clothes but rarely with make-up, aside from nail varnish that gets regularly culled. There are favourite lipsticks I hang onto, despite being worn maybe once or twice in a year. Hygiene of beauty products aside, they're just taking up space and I'm a compulsive declutterer, so they needed to go.

The majority of my collection far surpasses the guideline shelf life and *touch wood* I'm yet so suffer any allergy from them. Mascara is the one thing I'm vigilant about updating regularly, but the rest falls by the way side. It was time to make a change.

So, declutter mission complete, I have emptied an entire drawer of lip products, most of which really didn't suit me but I hung onto in case of a really brave day. Let's not mention the fact I am the world's worst for keeping my lipstick topped up through the day.

Those colourful eye shadows that I dabble in playing with every now and then have made room for my staple neutrals, with just a couple of playful options should I need them. All brushes have been washed and stored accordingly and my daily make-up now sits in a handy make-up bag, instead of muddled into everything else. I think I may have just streamlined my morning routine for the better.

PS, you can get a better perspective of my room (and a look at those mini drawers) in my bedroom details post.