The Bargain Lace-Up Body

Written about Fashion
12th February 2016

Body eBay // Skirt old River Island (similar here)

So lace up bodies are everywhere at the moment, but seeing as I rarely have the occasion to wear one, I begrudge paying the money you know? So it seemed obvious to share this gem I found on eBay, through one of several 'eBay best picks' posts I see pop-up in my feed.

A fiver, from the UK and available in the essential colours. The (quite bizarre) downside is that there is no fastening at the bottom. So you're shimmying into this unless you want to create your own fastening. Not ideal, but luckily I have a tiny bum so I made it work. It's simple enough to add your own poppers (or get a tailor (or your mum) to add them for you) - you get what you pay for!

Definitely got me on the hype for the lace up trend - I need to invest in more. Any recommendations?