The Cocktail Masterclass

Written about Bars
6th April 2016

Ready for your hump day treat? I know I am. I know my way around a cocktail menu. I'll be steering clear of tequila for life, lapping up Bellinis and dabbling a whole lot more in Espresso Martinis - I'm a very recent convert.

Getting behind the cocktails then, should be an essential. All Bar One hosted a cocktail master class that I went down for at the beautiful Millenium Square branch in Leeds. It wouldn't be my first choice of bar, but I definitely want to head back, the decor swung me. A self-made menu of a Mojito, Espresso Martini and Cosmopolitan was to be prepared, entirely by me.

First up, the Espresso Martini. Despite my love of coffee, it's something I have never tried *pauses for intake of breath*. What a sheltered life I've lived... It's shot to the top of my favourite cocktails, essentially tasting like an iced coffee (the best kind), laced with a subtle alcohol flavour.

Coffee, sugar syrup, Tia Maria and Absolut Vanilla, with a coffee bean garnish. Such easy drinking.


The rest of the night was made up with a Mojito - my fail safe when I'm unsure what to pick and a class I've tried before with Havana Club. And finally, a classic Cosmopolitan. Although I love sweet drinks, the Cosmo borders on too sweet, even in cocktail terms. We got a bit more insight into what goes into it, as well as a sparked finish with the juiced orange peel.



A massive shout out has to go to Joe from All Bar One who looked after us for the evening. We had such a good night with him and the passion for cocktails was clear.

I would highly recommend looking at the options for a master class, they'd be perfect for a party or small hen-do... Or just a Wednesday night.

Cocktail master classes are up to be booked, £20 per person and you get your pick of cocktail flavours, cocktail from scratch by yourself makes it all the more tasty.