Roxy’s Huddersfield

Written about Bars
1st June 2016

**Now closed**

There's a whole load of Leeds recommendations of you on this blog, but today I'm taking you out of the city and back to my home town. Leeds locals should be familiar with Roxy's bar - the ideal for a chilled night of pool, ping pong or beer pong, it's near mandatory to love beer if you're going.


The famous Roxy's has expanded out to Huddersfield, setting up on Zetland Street and offering some much needed new vibes to the town.

If you're familiar with the Leeds bar, the Huddersfield option will feel like a second home. The bar is gridded off into ping pong and beer pong, with the upstairs reserved for pool and a roof terrace.

It's a massive space and I think it's something that Hudds needs. Not just a restaurant turned bar for the evening, with an optional pool table or dance floor. Roxy's Huddersfield has a few alternative options and it's somewhere I can't wait to experience on a proper night out.


Of course, the food menu is there if you want to head over earlier in the day - honestly, it's the perfect hangover food, so based around the corner from Huddersfield Uni isn't a bad shout. Proper comfort food, from burgers to delish onion rings, mac & cheese balls to pizza - the perfect snack food to get you through your play.

I can't wait to watch Roxy's thrive in Huddersfield, plus with it only being a 20 minute train ride, I need to make the trip back more often. There's a couple of other Huddersfield highlights I need to share with you. Who's taking the trip?