Trader Dan’s Surf Shack | Leeds

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15th July 2016

Today is all about a familiar location, in its newest formation. The three months were up for Old Tom's, enter Hedonist Project's newest project, Trader Dan's Surf Shack - the ideal summer set-up.

In brief (for those not in the know) - Hedonist Project set up shop on Lower Briggate with their concept changing every three months. Each set around a different spirit or drinks theme, the interiors change in their entirety to suit the newest guise.


Trader Dan's is bringing Cali to Leeds, a surfer's paradise in the northern city centre all centred around some delicious shaken rum concoctions. Walking through the doors, you're now created with a beachy paradise; skateboards, focal surf board, freely decorated board walls and surfers on loop on screen to get you in the right mindset.


Through the launch night we were plied with their signature rum punch - with the abundance of fruit juice mixed with the liquor, it went down too easily. This with tasters of their menu which I took a deeper look at once I noticed breakfast was an option. I'll be back to sample the pancakes, keep an eye on Instagram for the verdict ;)



I think Old Tom's still stands as my favourite concept to date, but with the inclusion of American pancakes... this might be following very closely behind.
Plus, let's take a second to appreciate their soundtrack because holy wow does that take me back to my youth. It's pop rock on loop, with some unreal classics I'd completely forgotten about. I would genuinely return purely for a bout of very happy nostalgia.

You can catch up on The Hedonist Project's in the North of London archives; with the Rum Shack, Liquor & Whisky and Old Tom's Gin Kitchen.

Invited along to sample by the fab people at Pink Gorilla.