March at a glance

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2nd April 2017

The UK has come out of its wintery slumber, hello spring & goodbye March - it absolutely sped by. Looking for some inspo on what to do? Here's what I got up to in March and what you should try in April...

To eat:


I ate bloody well in March. The peak of dining was a blogger brunch with Ox Club - side note, a small foodie event for bloggers is an absolute dream and a cloud of cameras once the food is served. We've got some friends coming over from Newcastle and the US in April and this is top of the list. Read all about it: Ox Club brunch.

Candlebar is one of our locals (and has a cracking gin menu - try the Brockmans blueberry serve) and with a Sunday afternoon to fill, we chose food, obviously. The sharer board is absolute A+ here.


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To do:

Great things happened on my laptop in March. By this I mean that my boyfriend bought me Theme Hospital and Rollercoaster Tycoon. Warning: do not download if you want to be at all productive. Currently one level ahead than I ever remember in Theme Hospital... I'm yet to start my theme park management status. Unbeknown to me, it was also Theme Hospital's 20th birthday in March so I'm celebrating like a good little fan.


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Instagram was also a thing for me in March. I'm forever toying between getting a theme nailed and just living life (anyone else?). Currently, I'm somewhere in the middle - there's a colour/filter theme of sorts and a vague idea of consistent imagery... But I'm not taking it too seriously (my friends will tell you different). I hope that follow button is already clicked from you, but if not, have a scroll through my Instagram and get it clicked.

Spring is definitely springing and it's perking up my mood to no end. Currently living my best hippy live and obsessing about the foliage that's coming out of hiding. I've dotted mini plants around the flat (and currently winning on keeping them living) and have a camera roll full of varying stages of blossom.


To watch:

This past month has been wholly dominated by Buffy the Vampire Slayer (also celebrating its 20th - go fan-girl at the reunion pics). Currently just into season three of a rewatch, those early seasons are the absolute ultimate. For any of you who haven't already taken the excellent journey through Sunnydale, I urge you to get on it. I've reignited my inner Buffy fan girl, including this A+ addition to my wardrobe (it's from Red Bubble if you want in).


The month started with The Get Down on Netflix. Set in 70s Brooklyn and directed by Baz Luhrmann, it follows the rise of hip hop & disco through a group of teens in the city. The visuals and soundtrack are amazing, part two starts on Friday 7th April and I'm so excited to continue it.

My April has shaped up to be stellar, so expect a few diary posts over the next month. Or keep up with me on Instagram to see what I get up to.